Kudos to the Kindle

by Race Bannon on May 23, 2009

For those unfamiliar with the Kindle, it’s the ebook reader created by the folks at Amazon.com and it’s my new favorite gadget. Since I bought my Kindle more than a year ago, I’ve purchased only a handful of paper books. For a book/reading junkie like me, that’s quite an endorsement. And I’m convinced that ebooks will be yet another valuable tool self educators can use for their learning endeavors.

The Kindle is so darn convenient and well-conceived that it’s become my default book reading mechanism. I can take it anywhere loaded up with dozens of books. I tend to read two or three books simultaneously to accommodate my changing reading moods and the Kindle is perfect for this style of reading.

I highly recommend the Kindle. I’m not going to extol all of its virtues here. There are reviews of the Kindle all over the internet. Adding my vote for the Kindle will hopefully move us closer to the ebook revolution that I believe is, to use Malcolm Gladwell’s term, at a tipping point. The Kindle may just turn out to be the iPod of ebooks. It sure has for me.

I own a first generation Kindle, but I’ve had the opportunity to play with a Kindle 2. It’s even better than the Kindle I own.

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