Why Self Education? – A New Approach Is Needed

by Race Bannon on May 25, 2009

What is the big deal about self education? Why is empowering individuals to pursue self education so important? Is there really a need to reframe our thinking about how we educate ourselves? In a word, yes.

The era of our sole reliance on classroom-based education is quickly fading. Traditional educational systems will continue to have an important place in our society, but the time has come for us to embrace an approach to learning and education as something that can take place in a multitude of ways.

Self education is the future of learning. As our interconnectivity grows and the global repository of information and learning opportunities increases exponentially each year, we need to start thinking differently about how we educate ourselves.

We need to place our focus on providing everyone with the permission, skills and resources to pursue their learning and education on their own in a natural, self-directed manner. Self education is not a new concept. Many of the greatest thinkers and innovators were self educated men and women (Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln, to name a few). So as graduation from traditional educational institutions continues to become the assumed standard of an educated person, a counterbalancing approach of fostering the self education mindset must be a priority.

It’s likely that classroom-based education will always have an important place in our society, but self education must be considered an equally viable means by which to educate ourselves.

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