Wide Awake Minds

by Race Bannon on July 22, 2009

When I run across a great blog or website about self education, I want to share that news with everyone. I’ve run across such a site recently and it’s Wide Awake Minds. The site is the work of Ryan McCarl, a writer and graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Education. As his tagline says, the blog poses “ideas about education policy, philosophy, and practice, with a special focus on self-education and lifelong learning.” I like that special focus.

On the site McCarl states the five principles upon which his blog is based and they are truly sound and wise principles. They direct much of my thinking and work with self education as well.

The site also offers visitors one of the best collection of pertinent links I’ve seen including: education news, research and resources; education scholars, writers and practitioners; education institutions, unions, societies and notable schools; education nonprofits; education for-profit organizations; top schools of education; and (my personal favorite of course) self education resources.

Give the site a look and if you’re like me, you’ll bookmark it and visit it often or subscribe to McCarl’s blog feed (he makes it really easy to subscribe).

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1 Chinaboy November 23, 2009 at 4:41 am

Thank you.

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