University of iTunes/YouTube

by Race Bannon on October 16, 2009

Anytime I run across another avenue for self education, I get excited. Today, on, I ran across this article that once again got me excited.

Universities are increasingly making lectures and other instructional audio and video podcasts available through iTunes, YouTube and other online venues. Much of the time this content is free. Admittedly, much of what I’m running across is focused on business and management skills, but the breadth of topics and subjects areas is broadening quickly and is starting to encompass the entire range of interests any student might have.

This trend continues the march toward a society that pulls education from various sources rather than waiting for it to be pushed to them through more traditional (classroom) educational approaches. Empowerment of the student is the result.

I encourage you to poke around iTunes and YouTube. Search for subjects in which you have an interest. This is another way to build the virtual library I encourage all self educators to create for themselves.

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