Learning Science and Mobile Education

by Race Bannon on January 26, 2011

Today I was scanning TechCrunch (great site to keep up with current technology news and trends) and I read an interesting post, McGraw Hill Gets In On the Mobile Education Market. The post mentioned two items of interest.

First, within the context of the United States’ lackluster performance in science education lately, the author pointed out Scitable, Nature Publishing Group’s free online science library. If you have an interest in science, this appears to be a great learning resource.

Second, the post mentioned McGraw Hill’s entry into the mobile education market. The author appears somewhat skeptical of mobile learning, but I consider it an important part of the world’s learning future. Why not learn on the go? Learning can take place anywhere and be facilitated through many venues. So mobile learning on a phone, tablet or laptop makes sense to me. Over time I believe self-educators will be provided with many mobile learning delivery options that can enhance one’s self-education efforts.

Another related post on TechCrunch today, Scitable.com Goes Mobile, describes a just released mobile-friendly version of the Scitable site. When Scitable announced their new mobile version, they mentioned that their “…mission is to democratize access to science education” and I think that’s a great mission.

Check out the posts and let me know your thoughts.

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