A New Direction For My Blogging

by Race Bannon on November 29, 2011

I apologize for not posting this sooner. After many months of attempting to post to and maintain multiple blog sites, I have decided to take my blogging in a new direction. I will now only blog on my racebannon.com site. Self-education is still a passion of mine and I plan to write about self-education, and learning in general, often. But I have many other interests as well and it’s not feasible for me to maintain multiple sites, each pertaining to one of my many interests. So please visit, bookmark and subscribe to my racebannon.com blog site. Over time I plan to move all of my existing posts from this site to racebannon.com with the plan to shut this site down entirely at some point in the future. I will delete posts from this site when I move them to racebannon.com. Click on the Self-Education and Learning category on my other site to view all posts that would have previously been posted here. To those who have visited here over the past year, many thanks. I hope you’ll continue to follow my posts on the other site. Be well.

Race Bannon

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