Why Self Education? – A New Approach Is Needed

May 25, 2009

What is the big deal about self education? Why is empowering individuals to pursue self education so important? Is there really a need to reframe our thinking about how we educate ourselves? In a word, yes. The era of our sole reliance on classroom-based education is quickly fading. Traditional educational systems will continue to have [...]

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Kudos to the Kindle

May 23, 2009

For those unfamiliar with the Kindle, it’s the ebook reader created by the folks at Amazon.com and it’s my new favorite gadget. Since I bought my Kindle more than a year ago, I’ve purchased only a handful of paper books. For a book/reading junkie like me, that’s quite an endorsement. And I’m convinced that ebooks [...]

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Welcome to The Art of Self Education

May 17, 2009

All education is self education. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a learner. By that I mean someone for whom learning is actually interesting and enjoyable. And as a learner, you likely already know instinctively that all education is ultimately self education. If education has thus far not been an interesting and enjoyable experience [...]

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